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Wedding favours - Stuck for Wedding Favour ideas? Our Wedding favor bags will coordinate beautifully with your wedding theme to create that unique personalised wedding gift for all your guests.  Simple design or elaborate embroidery.

Contact us for more information and pricing do not have stock sat on shelves, we don’t import from China and we don’t do run of the mill. We don’t have a fancy shop but we do have a small store on facebook. So what do we do?

At wedding favor bags we make every bag and pouch by hand, each one is as individual as the bride and groom placing the order. At we can make the bags to suit your theme or colour scheme our designer and artist Jane will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements. Our wedding favor bags are bespoke, desirable keepsakes that will remind your guests of their time with you on your special day and most importantly they affordable

Take a look at some of our beautiful designs. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything that suits we will make your wedding favor bags to suit your budget and most importantly to fit in with your chosen theme or colour.

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